The following guidelines will help you with your new artificial teeth. Even if you've worn a denture before, every new set is different. Here are some things you should know about wearing your new denture:

1. You may have sore spots occasionally.
2. You may bite your tongue and/or cheeks at first.
3. You can correct any denture related speech problem with some practice. Read a newspaper aloud to yourself and listen to how you say the words.
4. Continue on a soft diet for the first few weeks until you learn how to control your new dentures.
5. Lower dentures are never as tight as uppers because the lower ridge is smaller.
6. All dentures are loosened when drinking. Be careful in public. Close and swallow to seat the denture.
7. All dentures are sometimes "laughed' out of the mouth. That is, when laughing, the denture may lose its suction.
8. Your denture should be worn day and night for only two weeks and then removed eight (8) hours each day (or night). Remove your denture to rest your mouth just like you remove your shoes to rest your feet.
9. Clean your denture at least daily with a toothbrush. Once a week use a commercial denture cleaner.
10. If you've been used to denture powder, please stop because it is un-natural and unhealthy for your mouth. The powder is a crutch! Don't use it.

Do's and Don'ts for Better Denture Care

Do clean your denture everyday.

Do set aside a regular time each day for cleaning.

Do rinse your denture after eating.

Do hold your denture firmly in the palm of your hand while rinsing or brushing.

Do soak your denture or partial in water or a cleansing solution when it is out of your mouth.

Do visit your dentist regularly, and especially if you have problems.

Don't use household cleansers or abrasive toothpastes.

Don't try to remove stains with emery boards, sandpaper or other materials that could scratch your denture and affect it's fit.

Don't try to adjust your own denture.

Don't skip your regular cleaning schedule.

Don't use pure bleach on your denture.

Don't assume you no longer need to see your dentist regularly.

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