Full Arch Replacement

State-of-the-art replacement for a full arch of missing teeth

Why Dental Implants?

  • All teeth are missing
  • Potential jaw joint problems from missing teeth
  • The "sunken face" look associated with missing teeth
  • Desire to improve chewing ability
  • Desire for a more permanent solution than dentures
  • Desire for a smile improvement

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are fixtures used to replace the root of missing teeth. The implants are surgically placed in the jaw and given time to heal. When replacing a full arch of missing teeth, composite or porcelain teeth are placed in a full arch bridge. This full arch bridge creates a fixed replacement for all the missing teeth. Traditional full dentures cannot offer the same stability or function that dental implants can.

The benefits of a Fixed Full Arch Bridge attached to Dental Implants

When all teeth are missing or in such condition that they need to be replaced, a fixed full arch bridge attached to dental implants is the best permanent solution. Having dental implants replacing missing teeth will provide new, unparalleled strength, stability and durability and will feel like you've re-grown your natural teeth. Before dental implants, there were no fixed solution available for people who lost all their teeth. Today, it is possible to have a fixed full arch bridge attached to dental implants that results in a permanent, stable and highly esthetic solution.

  • Can eat and function like having natural teeth
  • A solid, stable solution that is extremely durable
  • Preserves a youthful facial appearance and prevents bone loss

1. Before treatment Pre-treatment records are obtained to plan for the best function and esthetics.

2. Installing the implants The implants are placed in the jaw and allowed to heal. Temporary teeth are attached that enable you to eat and function like normal while waiting for the permanent bridge to be completed.

3. Attaching the bridge The permanent bridge is securely attached on top of the implants.

4. Final result The new bridge will look like natural teeth. People who have had traditional dentures before getting a fixed bridge often describe this as an overwhelming and life changing experience.

For information on how to care for your new dental implant, click here .

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