Implant Retained Dentures

State-of-the-art retention for a loose denture

Why an Implant Retained Denture

  • Desire to improve retention of a denture
  • The "sunken face" look associated with missing teeth
  • Desire to improve chewing ability
  • Desire for a smile improvement

What is an Implant Retained Denture?

At least two conventional sized implants are placed toward the front of the jaw. After the bone has healed around the dental implants, an existing or a new denture is attached to the implants. The implant retained denture looks like a traditional denture. However, the denture has various attachments connecting it to the dental implants. This arrangement keeps the denture securely in place.

The benefits of an Implant Retained Denture

There are three major reasons to consider an implant retained denture:

First, with the addition of just two dental implants, dentures will have a tremendous amount of retention. This denture fixation method will eliminate any denture slipping and thus prevent embarrassing situations. Speaking comfortably, chewing and smiling will come naturally and the denture will not require continuous adjustments as is the case with traditional dentures.

Second, the dental implant denture will help maintain the shape of your mouth. A traditional denture causes atrophy to the muscles of the cheek and the bone underneath the denture. Given enough time, the face will droop and look prematurely aged, and the bone structure of the jaw will begin to deteriorate. Long term denture wearers run the risk of losing significant amounts of bone height and density, in both the upper and lower jaws. An implant retained denture offers the healthy benefit of bone stimulation which is critical for maintaining a healthy jaw bone.

Third, for those that have a bad gag reflex, an implant retained denture for the upper arch allows the denture to be built in the shape of the arch instead of having to cover the entire palate. This will eliminate the problem of gagging.

For information on how to care for your new dental implants, click here .

Are there other treatment options?

An option that has been gaining popularity is have a loose denture retained by mini implants instead of the conventional implants.

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